European Certificate in Medical Genetics and Genomics (ECMGG)



Individuals are eligible to sit the ECMGG examination if they have a medical qualification (MD, or in some countries MB ChB or MB BS) and are professionally active in Clinical Genetics, either at training or senior level. The examination has been designed to be suitable for trainees in the late stages of their training, ie in the year prior to being appointed as a fully trained Clinical Geneticist.

Proof of eligibility should be provided with the application by attachment of a notarised copy of the specialist diploma / certificate (in the case of senior doctors) or sponsorship from the training centre (in the case of trainees). The sponsor, where possible, should be a recognised senior specialist in Clinical Genetics, or, if this is not possible, a recognised head of the institution where the applicant is employed.

If the applicant comes from a country where Clinical Genetics is not a formally recognised specialty, the applicant should show credible and verifiable proof that they have fulfilled, or are engaged in, specialist training requirements according to the UEMS approved training programme (ETR/curriculum and syllabus) in Clinical Genetics.

Any individual found to be canvassing members of the ECMGG Examination Group for confidential information relating to any aspect of the examination will be disqualified from sitting the examination, and may forfeit their Admission Fee if this has already been paid.