European Certificate in Medical Genetics and Genomics (ECMGG)

The format of the exam in 2024 will be fully virtual (online), in two parts:

1. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper – 110 questions. This paper has been scheduled for April 26th, 2024, delivered online with remote proctoring in association with a commercial examination provider, CYIM. It is usually accessible from any private location with a good internet connection. A trial connection will be undertaken during the weeks prior to the exam. It will be essential to pass the MCQ paper to progress to the oral assessment.

2. Structured Oral Assessment (SOA) – 6 stations. This has been scheduled for June 17th, 2024, delivered online, for those candidates who pass the MCQ paper.

More details are available in the 2024 Examination General Document .

Registration for the ECMGG 2025 will open on October 1st, 2024. From then on, updated details on how to register will be available on the Apply page.


The European Certificate in Medical Genetics and Genomics (ECMGG) is intended to be the main knowledge-based assessment tool for Clinical / Medical Genetics and Genomics training across Europe, establishing world class-leading standards in the specialty throughout all European countries.

Examination Steering Committee
The ECMGG Examination Group members meeting in Roskilde, October 2019